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When using website of House Foods Vietnam (following will be mentioned as "this site"), please read the below items, and start to use after agreement.

Table of Contents

  1. About copyright and Trade Mark right.
  2. About using environment.
  3. About link expression of this site.
  4. About using of Cookie.
  5. About Access Log.
  6. About Exemption from obligations.
  1. About copyright and Trade Mark right

    Information (image, text, sound,...) posted on this site and contents of emails sent from House Foods Vietnam are objects of copyright protection according to Copyright law. Moreover, the Trade Mark posted in this site is a possession of House Foods Vietnam, and is used basing on license and other legal rights. In case it gets over the range approved by law, it is impossible to use this Trade Mark and Copyright without prior consent.

  2. About using environment
    1. (1) At this site, for below environment, we recommend to use browser as follows.
      Present time Oct 1st, 2013
      WindowsXP/Vista/7 :
      Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
      Mozilla Firefox latest version
      Google Chrome latest version
      Macintosh OSX :
      Apple Safari latest version
      Mozilla Firefox latest version
      In case of using environments and browsers that are not recommended here, please understand that there are some cases that it will not display correctly, and not operate exactly. About updating the latest versions for browsers, please confirm at the makers’ site.
    2. (2) Please understand that at this site, there are some cases that printing results are different with actual screen displays due to browser, OS characteristics.
    3. (3) At this site, there are pages that are using JavaScript. So when reading, please make JavaScript effective at browser settings.
    4. (4) At this site, there are pages that are using style sheet . If the display is not in good quality, please confirm browser settings and make style sheet effective.
      About method for confirming style sheet settings, please click here.
  3. About link expression of this site

    In case of making JavaScript ineffective, please be noted that it will not open at other windows.

  4. About using of Cookie

    At this site, with the purpose of providing better service, there are pages that are using a technology called Cookie. Cookie is a very small piece of data exchanged between website’s server and user’s browser. At this site, it does not specify personal information of customers from information basing on Cookie. According to browser settings, customers can refuse to receive Cookie. But in case of refusal, please understand that in some cases it is impossible to receive a part of service.

  5. About Access Log

    All access information of customers used at this site will be recorded as access log (history) at web server of House Foods Vietnam.
    In access log, browser type that customers use and access date and time are recorded , but access log does not include information that can specify any particular persons. House Foods Vietnam sometimes uses access log with the purpose of investigating and analyzing site usage status.

  6. About Exemption from obligations

    Although we have paid attention carefully to information of this site, House Foods Vietnam can’t ensure the content of the information. Besides, House Foods Vietnam will not take any responsibility for problems or other loss/damage relating to software/hardware due to using this site.
    There are cases that information of this site may be changed without notice in advance, or operation of this site may be interrupted or stopped without notice in advance, and House Foods Vietnam will not take any responsibility for damages caused by that.

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