HouseFoods Vietnam getting ready on Marathon Race to Raise Charity Funds

On 11th December 2016, in corporation with the Japanese Business Association in Ho Chi Minh City, HouseFoods Vietnam successfully organized Marathon Cup in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Most participants were employees of Japanese companies in Vietnam. It also attracted other group of people who showed enthusiasm in the Marathon race.

The Marathon Race started and finished at Japanese School in District 7. The race saw a large number of HouseFoods Vietnam employees who participated in this meaningful competition.

The Marathon Race was organized to raise funds for charity and helping deserving people in the area. Every individual at the race contributes in bringing happiness to people with disadvantages.

To support the race, House Foods Vietnam also offered hundred serves of Sherbic Ice-cream for participants.

HouseFoods Vietnam getting ready on Marathon Race to Raise Charity Funds
HouseFoods Vietnam getting ready on Marathon Race to Raise Charity Funds

Beautiful New-Year 2017 Gift Set from HouseFoods Vietnam

Tet is coming. It’s time to get together and enjoy the warm and cosy time with family. No matter how busy we are, everyone tries to finish their works and spends time with their family on the very last days of the year.

To Vietnamese people, year-end gathering is a perfect time to get closer with other family members. The most time-consuming tasks are certainly choosing dishes and preparing them. Understanding that, HouseFoods proudly presents our dear customers a set of 2 very-easy-to-make dessert products, PurinMix Pudding and Sherbic Ice-cream, which are bound to satisfy any tastebud. This new year, busy moms won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing delicious dishes.

This season, HouseFoods Vietnam dedicates to you this set of dessert with the theme Phuc – Loc - Tho in addition with a beautiful Tet flower collection. With every box, HouseFoods expresses love to our beloved customers through beautiful packaging, classy material with outstanding decoration that will be a perfect gift for any recipient.

The package comes with 2 main dessert products from HouseFoods for you to choose, either:

  • 2 boxes of PurinMix pudding of any flavor and 4 pretty molds

  • 2 boxes of Sherbic ice-cream of any flavor and 2 pretty molds

The sky is the limit! You can display these attracting boxes at the place where your visitors can see like living room. It’s also ideal to give to your cousins and relatives as new year gifts. One creative way is to give your children everytime he/she finished a meal.

*Please note: due to limited stocks, these boxes may become unavailable at any time.

Beautiful New-Year 2017 Gift Set from HouseFoods Vietnam
Beautiful New-Year 2017 Gift Set from HouseFoods Vietnam

HouseFoods Vietnam growing with Vietnamese Children

Our ‘PurinMix’ and ‘Sherbic’ products not only bring a wonderful tasting journey to our ‘little customers’ but also contribute to their growth and development.

HouseFoods has been present in Vietnamese market for 4 years and continuously fulfilling its vision to enhance Vietnamese children’ nutritional dessert meals. Two of our most-loved desserts are Sherbic Ice-cream and PurinMix pudding. They both impress parents and children with their core advantage: easy to make within 5 minutes.

In addition to research and develop our products, HouseFoods Vietnam actively involves in community activities to contribute to Vietnamese children’ development. Recently, HouseFoods Vietnam collaborated with selected kindergarten to organize outdoor activities for these little friends.

During these activities, HouseFoods Vietnam treated them with Sherbic Ice-cream of 3 flavors including Strawberry, Milk Coffee and Melon. Our little friends had an amazing experience with a party full of laughings and compliments.

Every group of 5 was asked to make any dessert of their choice. Initially, they showed timidity by following steps like measuring water or stirring the powder however, after that, they were in control and confidently made more and more products. By involving in the creation process, children learn to know how the kitchen works, embrace meals made in the kitchen and enjoy their own dishes made by them.

These special activities are organized by HouseFoods Vietnam to teach children how to help their parents at home. These little learners are hoped to learn valuable life-long lessons, the appreciation for any kind of food and the respectation for people who gave them food or made food for them. Also more importantly, one more step to be more self-dependent to their development journey.

HouseFoods is a popular Japanese brand with PurinMix pudding and Sherbic Ice-cream of various delicious flavors.

  • HouseFoods Vietnam growing with Vietnamese Children
  • HouseFoods Vietnam growing with Vietnamese Children
  • HouseFoods Vietnam growing with Vietnamese Children

How Children Could Prepare Dessert with Parents?

There’s no denying that most parents ask themselves everyday what their children did at school. To kids, school opens a whole new world with full of wonders. They learn new things everyday and embrace knowledge in many different ways.

At kindergarten, most of the time, children actively participate in activities which help enhance their intellectual skills and build a platform for their further growth. Usually, they are taught to be familiar with coloring books or comics. Besides, kindergarten curriculum also encourages them to not only learn, but also play through other useful activities. At some schools, children are even welcomed to directly join in preparing their own lunch. These little ‘chefs’ are instructed to sort out utensils and do some basic kitchen preps. Other easy cooking tasks like making ice-cream or cake are also bound to excite them. After the class, they may finish the whole meal they made or they may bring home to share with their parents.

Through making dessert from scratch, little friends not only appreciate their everyday meals but also learn how to assist their mother to cook. In Japan, many moms love to introduce their children to do preps in the kitchen at young age. For example, to make Sherbic ice-cream, mom only needs a measuring cup, water and a box of Sherbic powder. Her daughgter will be ready to start making the ice-cream dessert on her own just by following 2 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Stir the powder with 200ml water.

  • Step 2: Pour the mixture into mold and put in fridge for 3-4 hours.

Similarly, to make PurinMix:

  • Step 1: Mix the powder with 220ml boiling water and stir thoroughly for 2 minutes.

  • Step 2: Pour the mixture into mold and put in fridge for 3-4 hours.

Sherbic ice-cream and PurinMix pudding are enjoyed as dessert, best after dinner or as an extra snack within the day. They are also perfect for occasions like birthday, friend gathering ...

Hand-made dessert favorites

Brand new pudding recipe this summer – PurinMix Coconut

With a distinctive and delicate flavor, coconut is widely loved by many people. Apart from being a beverage, coconut is also an important ingredient in a variety of Asian dishes.

PurinMix Coconut Flavor features the unique combination of milk and the sweetness of young coconut. PurinMix Coconut Flavor, an ideal family dessert is ready to say hello to Vietnam for the very first time.

Brand new pudding recipe this summer – PurinMix Coconut

House Foods Vietnam proudly launches new PurinMix Egg Flavor

House Foods Vietnam’s mission is to bring products of best quality to our customers, we never stop researching and developing new products to return the favor to our fans and supporters.

We proudly presents the new PurinMix with Egg Flavor, the first time ever in Vietnam. This version is the mixture of strong taste of egg and the sweetness of caramel sauce, which will certainly bring you a pleasant experience. PurinMix with Egg Flavor, packed with an amount of healthy Vitamin D, is super easy to make right in your kitchen.

House Foods Vietnam proudly launches new PurinMix Egg Flavor

HOT – Brand new Sherbic Melon flavor

Sweet and juicy, melon has been one of the favorite fruits in summer. Drinking melon juice once a day is proven to help prevent fatigue and reduce stress effectively, according to a French research.

This fall, House Foods Vietnam proudly presents the brand new Sherbic with Melon flavor, the very first time in Vietnam. Now you can completely create these green mint colored ice-creams at home. Another good news for you is that Sherbic is packed with full of Vitamin C which is good for health.

HOT – Brand New Sherbic Melon Flavor

House Foods Vietnam presents brand new Matcha PurinMix

Matcha, the kind of green tea originated from Japan, is widely enjoyed and consumed nowadays. It does not only represent traditional Japanese Tea culture but also gains worldwide acclaim due to its health benefits.

Matcha has been one of the pudding flavors of PurinMix and received positive responses from our customers. To return the favor, House Foods Vietname proudly presents the new PurinMix Matcha with enhanced green tea flavor, your new pudding will taste much better.
Do you feel like getting closer to Japan culture by enjoying your PurinMix Matcha Pudding with a cup of hot tea?

House Foods Vietnam presents Brand New Matcha PurinMix

Happy Summertime with PurinMix

Why go to fancy pastry class while you can just stay at home and treat yourself a pudding with PurinMix?

When you buy a box of any flavor of PurinMix, you will stand a chance to receive either a mold set of cute animal shapes or a pretty porcelain plate.
With these lovely gifts, you can definitely create those pretty puddings in many colors from each PurinMix flavor like Chocolate, Caramel or Green Tea Matcha.
Due to limited stock, these gifts will be gone very fast. Quickly grab these PurinMix boxes at our selected supermarkets (powder and food supplies department) or any grocery outlet nearby.

Happy Summertime with PurinMix

Buy Sherbic, Receive Cute Mold Set

In these hot summer days, is there anything better than an icy cold popsicle, sweet-sour, melting in your mouth?

Now you can easily make ice-cream by yourself at home with Sherbic. You only need to mix the powder with water or non-sugar milk then cool it down in the fridge. That’s it!

To make it more special this year, when you buy a box of any flavor of Sherbic, you will receive a cute mold set as a gift so you can have fun making colorful Sherbic ice-cream this summer.

The gifts will be first come, first served so hurry up heading to any closest outlet or supermarket (powder and food supplies department) to get yourself these lovely Sherbic boxes.

Buy Sherbic, Receive Cute Mold Set

Unique Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

Every year, the second Sunday of May is the day when all children in the world celebrate Mother’s Day. This is a special day to show love to our beloved mother with so many fun activities.

On this day, you can totally throw a surprising party with a ‘Thank Mom’ theme. Why not spoil her with a self-made Pudding easily crafted from PurinMix?
To make flan pudding, you only need a box of PurinMix (available at selected Vietnamese supermarkets). The box contains all necessary ingredients so you only need to mix with non-sugar milk, boil it, cool down and put in the fridge. That’s it!
To make this Mother’s Day more special, when you buy any product from House Foods Vietnam, you will stand a chance to receive either a cute Teddy Bear or a Fresh Flower voucher to give your mother.

Have a sweet loving Mother’s Day!

Unique Gift for Mom on Mother’s Day

PurinMix now has Matcha Green Tea flavor!

PurinMix now has Matcha Green Tea flavor!

Matcha has been a traditional ingredient in Japanese tea ceremony and has been widely used because of its health benefits. Matcha is a fine-ground powder, made from green tea leaves under a complicated process. Therefore, Matcha maintains the best nutrients from the green tea leaves and is very good for health.
Matcha now is available in the new product PurinMix Matcha Green Tea – very delicious, convenient and good for health. Don’t forget this product in your shopping basket!

Refreshing summer with New Sherbic Milk Coffee!

Milk coffee is a typical, popular drink in Vietnam and many Vietnamese love its taste. Milk coffee has the typical bitterness of roasted robusta coffee beans with the unmistakable rich and sweet taste of condensed milk. For a cool, refreshing summer, let’s make sorbet at home with the new Sherbic Milk Coffee! Delicious and easy to make, this cool dessert is suitable for your family!

Refreshing summer with New Sherbic  Milk Coffee!

Sherbic mold promotion

It has been so hot recently, and in this kind of weather, wonderful dessert like Sherbic seems to be the perfect choice. It’s very easy to cook, tastes good and helps whole family relax at home. And what’s more wonderful? We are having a special promotion for Sherbic products, in which you will be given a premium silicone mold when you buy Sherbic products. Because of the limited quantity of promotional molds, hurry up and get the mold as soon as possible!

Chương trình khuyến mãi khuôn Sherbic 01
Chương trình khuyến mãi khuôn Sherbic 02

Event at Kindergarten 30/04

Continuing our trip to kindergartens, on 21st and 28th Feb 2014, we came to 2 locations of 30 Apr Kindergarten. The children of the school had a wonderful time learning how to cook simple desserts. They even had the chance to try making Sherbic on their own. At the end of the class, they were given delicious Purin as quick superb.
We will continue our trip to kindergartens in and around Ho Chi Minh city. Our little friends, please wait for a while. We will come to your school soon!

Chương trình dành cho các bé tại Nhà trẻ 30/04

Sampling event at Aeon Mall

In Feb 2014, we had an exciting event at Aeon Mall. We introduced a sampling counter in which we introduced our products to consumers. Also, in this special occasion, we introduced a special recipe using our product Purin Mix: Purin Chocolate. With very simple steps, everyone can make their wonderful Purin cakes for their loved ones. We hope that we will be able to bring more new products to Vietnamese consumers in the near future.

Chương trình bán hàng đặc biệt tại Aeon Mall

Greeting festival season with gifts from House

Upon buying PurinMix, you will be able to receive premium Purin cups with very cute designs. This promotion will be applied at certain times of year and for certain supermarkets. For more information about promotion programs, you can contact us via our hotline number.

  • prinmix
  • prinmix
  • prinmix
  • prinmix

Let kids try making dessert

On Friday 22nd Nov 2013, House Foods Vietnam (HFV) paid a visit to District 7 Kindergarten School where we conducted a special extracurricular activity for wonderful kids at the school.
In the fun and exciting atmosphere, the children at the school had a chance to learn how to make simple yet delicious desserts that they could enjoy with friends and family. They were instructed to make beautiful Purin cakes, and they were even able to try making Sherbic ice-cream on their own. A lot of laughs and cheers during the program gave HFV’s little customers a fantastic experience.
These special programs are intended to teach children to help their parents with little works at home. Children will be able to learn a lot from these activities, and one of the learning is that diligence will always taste delicious in the end.


House products left deep impression on people visiting Japan festival

In November 16th and 17th, House Foods Vietnam gave samples and sold House products such as dessert and supplement powder drink to Vietnamese consumers in Japan festival at 23/9 Park, Ho Chi Minh City. We are happy that thousands of people were interested in our products and came to House booth to have a try. Japan festival is one of many activities to celebrate 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. House Foods Vietnam believes this event helped increase the mutual understanding between the two nations and introduce high quality products from Japan to Vietnamese people.

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